Count native animals automatically! allows you to detect and count native animals in camera trap images reliably and fast!

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Reliably detect Australian native animals in your camera trap photos

Camera traps take motion-triggered pictures of animals in their natural environment, and are the most cost-effective, non-invasive method of monitoring wildlife species. However, after collecting the images, a significant amount of time is spent labelling the species which are present in each image. It is estimated that single-species image labelling can be done at 450 images/hour by experts and around half that rate for citizen scientists which would equate to ~4 person-years per million labelled images. solves this problem, allowing you to label tens of thousands of images an hour, at just a fraction of the cost!

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Performance metrics

High accuracy


94% precision and 93% recall on detecting the top 33 species of native animals. On the top 71 species we have 88% precision and 84% recall.


Tens of thousands of images labelled per hour with's state-of-the-art system.

What our clients say

“The prospect of using these tools in my own work and for the broader ecological community is very exciting. Land managers, researchers, students and volunteers will no longer have to painstakingly sift through thousands or millions of images. The time gained by implementing an automated image processing pipeline and increase speed of reporting results can be used for on-ground species conservation management.”
Dr. Aaron Greenville, The University of Sydney

How to get involved

Our goal is to develop the most accurate and efficient Australian native animal detection and identification models the world has ever seen. We're ready to help you find ways to use our models and tools to detect and identify animals in your camera trap imagery.